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How to find the "perfect" plus size wedding gown

You know, I have read many articles on this subject. I have perused many opinions from many "experts" on what style will look best on you if you are a "pear" or an "apple". There is a lot of chatter regarding which fabrics to embrace and those to avoid.

One of our volunteer models - Size 14/16

I am going to make this very simple for all of you plus size and curvy brides out there. Try on as many dresses as you can in all types of fabrics and yes, even try on the ones that, when viewed on the hanger, you don't think you like. I ask my friends when we shop for clothes and I ask all my brides when at the boutique this very earth shattering question: "How much does it cost you to try this on?" I am sure you know the answer. Absolutely nothing. Because you know what? As a plus size or curvy girl, you have NO IDEA what looks good on you in bridal. (Unless you have made a habit over the years of randomly visiting bridal shops to try on gowns!) Get off the internet and Pinterest and get in a boutique (preferably one that specializes in women with a few curves) and actually put a dress on that curvaceous bod of yours!!

You are not a piece of fruit... an apple or a pear or any other. You are a beautiful daughter of God made exactly the way He designed you to be. You are no surprise to Him. And that guy you are marrying? He is marrying you just the way you are, curves and all. So please, if I have the pleasure of transforming you into this magnificent creature called a bride, let's not talk about Weight Watchers, KETO, or any other diet. But that is a blog for another day.

Yeah, we all have areas of our bodies we want to hide, but we also have areas we want to accentuate; And the right dress can do just that. You will know it when you find it. Because at the end of the day, the "perfect" dress is the one that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and like the sexiest, most graceful and loveliest woman in the world. Trust me, it's out there waiting for you. And when you walk toward him in it, you will blow him away!

-Written by Britta Wilson

Owner and CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

Chosen, a Bridal Boutique

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