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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, Brides! 

I am Britta, owner of Chosen a Bridal Boutique.  These are questions that are regularly asked regarding gowns, pricing, appointments, etc.  If you have any questions not listed, please reach out to me at  XOXO

What is the price range of gowns at Chosen Bridal?

Our prices for special orders range from $1000 - $4000.  The average price for a gown is roughly $1800.  

How many people can I bring with me to my bridal appointment?

You can bring up to 6 guests.  We have a strict policy for no childern under the age of 6.  Please inform your guests as children will not be allowed to enter.  

What do I need to bring to my bridal appointment?

We recommend wearing a supportive bra if you are large busted.  Please, we beg you, please, wear panties!  We cannot try on wedding gowns without underwear... just sayin'!  Leggings are fine to show up in but challenging when trying on wedding gowns.  If you wear leggings to your bridal appointment, please wear panties as well.  Shapewear is fine to wear if you plan on wearing it on your big day.  You do not need shoes for your appointment, as everything will likely be too long, by design.

This most important thing to have when you walk through the door is a positive vibe and an open mind!  You would be shocked by the number of brides that choose a gown they never envisioned for themselves. 

What if I am not a plus-size or curvy bride?  Is that an issue?

Not an issue at all!!!  We are size inclusive and have styled brides from a size 0 to 36!  We are experts at clipping dresses to your body to give you the best vision of how it will be in your size when you order.

Do you charge for appointments?  What is your cancellation policy?

We do not charge to make a reservation with one of our bridal guides and stylists.  We do, however, require a debit or credit card number on file.  Your card is ONLY charged if you do not show up for your appointment or if you cancel without adequate notice.  The charge assessed to your card will be $50.  

As a courtesy to the brides on our waitlist and to your stylist, we require a 24-hour notice to cancel without being charged.  This is 24-hours from the TIME of your appointment.  If you have a 3:00 reservation, the cancellation must be received before 3:00 the day before to not incur a charge.

Do you take walk-ins?

To offer each bride superb service, we are by appointment only.  However, you can call ahead to check availability!  You never know... we may have something open up just for you!

What about moms?

Yes!  We LOVE seeing moms for appointments as well!  Note, most mother's gowns take about 3-4 months to come in so don't put off this appointment!  And yes, they will need an appointment as well.

....and just a few things when you visit...

1.  No outside food or drink except water.  We understand accidents happen but it's best to have them only with water.

2.  We love the excitement your guests bring to your appointment.  We are happy to pull any gown your mom, grandma, or best friend would like you to try, time permitting.  But please let your guests know only Chosen Bridal consultants are allowed to pull gowns.  Many of these gowns have delicate beading and lace and are easily damaged if not handled properly. This also applies to our veils, accessories and mothers' gowns.

3.  We have contracts with some of our designers that do not allow pictures to be taken.  We will be happy to direct you to the designer website with the names of the gowns you like so you can "oooh" and "aaahh" over all the beautiful gowns you put on your list.

4.  We want this experience to be fun, easy and stress free.  We strongly discourage you, and especially your guests, to body shame.  Every bride is beautiful, special, and has been chosen for someone just for her.  God made you just the way you are and the way you are is perfect!  This dress is just the icing on top!

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