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7 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Bridal Boutique

  1. The "YES" moment...You've probably been dreaming of this day your whole life-- and with good reason! There is no better feeling than trying on a wedding gown and seeing your self as a bride for the first time.

  2. Selection: Bridal boutiques offer the largest selection of reputable designers, styles, and colors. Your consultant will work directly with the designer to ensure everything from the color, to the fabric and he fit are exactly what you envision.'

  3. Feel-Good Factor: When you buy from a trusted local bridal boutique, you not only support your community, but also small businesses mostly owned by women!

  4. No Surprises; You get what you pay for. A designer dress may be pricier than similar versions online, but counterfeit gowns can be poorly constructed, ill-fitting and made out of cheap fabrics, IF YOU RECEIVE YOUR GOWN AT ALL.

  5. Make the Dress Your Own: The dress you try on in the store is just a starting point. Want to add a sleeve? Lower the back? Elongate the train? At a traditional bridal boutique, you can work with a seamstress to customize your gown and turn your dream into reality.

  6. Special Pricing: If budget is a concern, there are may way to shop smart at a local bridal boutique. Many brick-and-mortar stores offer discounts at designer trunk shows, and host sample sales annually.

  7. So Much More than Just a Gown: Your trained consultant will take precise measurements assist with alterations, and put you at ease throughout the entire process. The boutique will even steam your gown and store it until your wedding day!

(Article from Bridal Guide Magazine)

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