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Why the Coronavirus Can Affect Your Wedding Day

You may have read that headline and thought, "Really? My WEDDING can be affected by this?" If you have a wedding date scheduled for 2020 and still have not purchased your wedding gown, it absolutely can. Roughly 50% of wedding gowns are manufactured in China. And with factories shutting down production due to not enough workers and workers not able to be brought in due to the virus, the backlog of dresses to be made could be substantial.

This could be a problem particularly if you order a gown online rather than from a local bridal boutique like Chosen. Actually receiving your online dress, which is likely made in China, on a good day, can be a daunting task. With the coronavirus in play, cross your fingers that it shows up when needed, if at all. Online retailers from China could take your order and money one day and shut down their website, including any hope of contacting them the next day. According to, "this happens all the time, so don't think it's a rare occurrence." So, yes! You can believe many of the horror stories you hear of people that have ordered online wedding gowns from China.

But, there is hope! There are still roughly 50% of wedding dress designers who do NOT use manufacturing factories in China, or they have multiple factories located throughout the world. One of these, which is carried by Chosen Bridal, is Pronovias. Although they do have gowns manufactured in China, they also have other factories available for production. In addition, they have one of largest "in stock" supplies of gowns that are currently ready to ship. Chosen Bridal also carries gowns by Peter Trends of Australia, Zakaa Couture, and designer Iryna Kotapska; none of which use factories in China. Here at Chosen, we have relationships with our designers who have assured us our shipments will not be delayed by current healthcare events in China.

If you are interested in an appointment to view their offerings at Chosen, a Bridal Boutique, please click on the Make an Appointment link. We would love to be a part of your bridal transformation!

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